Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slowness and lack of updates

Ugh, ive been totally busy all week. Ive had Mid terms and tones or random other stuff going on. But i do bare some good news, providing it's good to pass safety (as all cars in ontario must) It looks like i might be getting a classic saab 900. The older body style. Its got about 100 000miles on it and its the turbo model. My only complaint is that it's an automatic. Im hoping the turbo will make up for that. If I get it maybe i can do a transmission swap next summer.

Anyways updates will come soon.

Monday, October 18, 2010


So has anyone ever saw those electric mopeds advertised in the paper or on craigslist/kijiji? GOD I HATE THEM. They probably the biggest waste of money ever. Only idiots buy them. Ive read up on them and here's the average specs of the average ebike

-price - 900 to 1400$ Canadian.
-top speed - 32km/h.
-range - around 40 to 60km.
-charge time - 5 to 8 hours.
-battery life - 300 to 400 charges.

Now just look at those specs in closer detail, and you might notice some problems.

Problem 1. assuming the average range is 50km and average battery life is 350 charges. That means you're gonna get 17 500km on travel, and then it will just be an ugly, heavy bicycle. Now, i do around 20 000 km a year in my car, and if we say 30 to 40% of that is around the city then you can say it will last you 3 years. A 1000$ car with 140 000km on it would have atleast 3 times that much life left under normal maintenance.

Problem 2. Okay, so what if you have to go to school and run some errands in the same day? Well better hope the trip isn't 25+ km one way unless you don't plan on coming back. The range on one these things isnt much more than 50km remember. The problem with battery powered vehicles is the battery. How long does it take to fill up at a petrol station? 3 minutes, right? how long does it take to charge an ebike? 5-8 hours! This makes them unsuitable for anything but light city driving.

Problem 3. Have you ever had an mp3 player or phone in your pocket in the winter? or anything with a battery for that matter. What happens when batteries get cold? THEY LOOSE LIFE OR GO DEAD. If you live anywhere with a winter, and even if its a pretty short or mild winter (such as where i live) your 1000$ investment has become useless for 1/4 of the year. Looks like you're back to taking the bus.

Problem 4. As with any form of motorized transportation, mechanical parts can be expected to fail eventually. Okay, so what now? you need some parts to repair your investment. Ebike brands aren't popular / big enough to have after market parts suppliers yet. Your only choice is oem, which means they can charge whatever they want for whatever they want. What if your manufacturer goes under? now no one makes parts and theres nothing you can do about it.

Problem 5. You look like an idiot driving it. Maybe some women can get away with it, but if you'e a guy you might as well get a vasectomy. Imagen if you showed up at your girl-friend-to-be's house on an ebike? unless she as stupid as you are for buying one, how could you possibly be taken seriously? YOU'RE GOING TO LOOK LIKE A TOOL.

The solution:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What i learned in Math class today

So here's a little background info. Im really good at math. I also have to take a math an incredibly easy at school for my architecture program. Its soo easy it makes me want to kill myself. Anyway, I usually just skip it in favor of sleep, but once every 2 odd weeks I like to go to it so i can know what to expect on the upcoming quiz or test.

So today it was some easy shit with trig functions. I already knew what was going on, so i broke out the laptop and pulled up a flash game my buddy sent me.


Free Online Games brought to you by ArcadePoint.Net

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smith Chemist

So i finally got round to ordering some new shades a couple weeks ago. I needed something stylish and a little more sports oriented than my diesel aviators. So, i spend endless hours scouring the interweb for a set of glasses. What i found was the smith Chemists, and I gotto admit Im pretty impressed. Ive always liked smith optics, They've been my go to brand for years for all my snowboarding goggles. If you get them online (as i did) Theyre not too too pricey either, on ebay a pair can be had for around 60$. The set i have (teal/smoke) has the polarized lenses in them, so that was a little more (around 100$ if i remember correctly).

The chemists are pretty decent combo of technology, style, and value. They have a very solid feel to them, nothing like my diesel's. The spring loaded hinges are a nice touch, it helps them stay closed when not in use. The lenses are amazing, very clear, since it's polarized it eliminates reflected light and gives a very uniform tint. Style wise, they kinda have that early 90s will smith / fresh price look them, without looking too much like rayban ripoffs.

Its also reassuring to know that smiths optics backs their products with a life time warranty. Though i doubt i'll ever have to claim it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This band needs Some LOVE

A couple days ago i was at a local venue, and i heard this band "Pomegranate Tiger". It's some pretty decent progmetal, infact theyre pretty much my city's only progmetal band. They dont have a vocalist at the moment, but theyre looking. Every so often they have a guest vocalist from another band perform with them. If more people listened their genre I think they'd be pretty popular. either way, check em out.

Not To See The Sun [DEMO] by Pomegranate Tiger

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Enter: Ontario's crappiest car.

So Ive hit a cross roads with my car, Idk if i should continue painting it or just leave it as is. It has come to my attention that it is buring oil. If i end up needing to scrap it in 2 months it would be a waste of paint. a tough decision indeed. I can either leave it looking like shit, or go for a slightly less shitty flat black paint job. Either way, here's my car... and yes that mirror's made of tinfoil, and yes that is a zip tie holding my headlight in.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 Metal Albums You MUST hear

Blood Mountain - Mastodon

A hell of a good album, by far my favorite from Mastodon. I bought this album over 2 years ago and I still play it weekly on my daily commute

Fav track - Sleeping giant

From Mars to Sirius - Gojira

One of the heaviest albums Ive ever heard. I love it, the rhythm is amazing. Its heavy but its also good, not like that shit from Bring Me The Horizon which is just heavy for the sake of being heavy. I say probs to this band, France finally has something they can be proud of. lmao

Fav track - Ohhh god, sooo hard to choose. Fuck it just listen to the whole album, its solid gold.

Cynic - Focus

ohhh yess, i know this is an old one, but its a good one. Defiantly played a big step in the popularization of Prog metal. It's well worth a listen, even if it does sound a little dated. It'll grow on you :]

fav Track - How Could I

In the absence of Truth - Isis

Now alot of people will probably disagree with me, putting this up over oceanic or panopticon. Idk really, this one just really grew on me. I love how isis' songs slowly build up to like some intense peak of awesomeness. It's a shame they broke up, which reminds me, my ex and i broke up the day they broke up. Talk about a double helping of shittiness.

Fav track - its a toss up between "Dulcinea" and "garden of light"

Deliverance - Opeth

Arguably Opeth's best album, and it's also their heaviest. Its was released along with Damnation as a double album. Damnation being their softest. Id say it's well worth a listen

Fav track - Master's Apprentices

I Hate Bondo

So Since my car is made of plastic, aka "dent-resistant polymer" when i rolled it all the body panels just shattered. Of course i replaced all those about 9 months ago, but there remained a a pretty dec dent in my roof, maybe 3/4 of an inch deep. If i was a normal person i probably would of tried to pull out the dent, but that'd of been too easy. So today i learned i dont understand the fundamentals of bondo in body work. I just mixed some up and filled the dent. Some how i got a ton of air bubbles in the bondo, so now Ive got like 25 square inches of roof with tiny swiss cheese-esq holes in it. paint time tmrw :]

I fucking hate bondo

Tattoo's n such

So guess who's parents just found out he has tattoos today? yeps thats right. Ive had 2 nautical star tattoos on my chest for the past 4 or 5 months. Of course i didnt show my parents since they're super traditional and have an unconditional hate towards all things tattoo. It also didnt help that they just noticed i have 6g holes in my ears too. I dont think ive ever saw anyone so grossed out... and they legit want my to get tested for HIV now. bahahahaha.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I dont value my time enough to buy a power sander.

So, about 10 months ago i managed to roll my beloved saturn sl2 into a ditch. Since i didnt really have enough money to just get a new car like any other normal person, i pounded the mangled frame back into shape and clad it with new body panels. 10 months later my car still looks like shit and ive finally decided to paint it.

Step 1 sanding: My sanding session was cut short to only 7 hours for a date with the GF... Yeah sanding im doing it by hand and that 7 hours only got me 50% of the car done. I obviously dont value my time enough to buy a sander.

paint, tmrw.